San Hi Spartans


Executive Board Members:


President, Jamie Snowten                                                     Vice President, Tommy Ramos                                                                                                                                              909.659.9970/                             909.578.8953/


Chapter Atheletic Director, Sandra A. Romero         Commissioner, Greg Battle                                                                                                                       305.785.2235/ or                  909.855.0164/


Safety Coordinator, Kilo (George) Kam



Coaches and  Athletic Director Staff

Mark Husdon                     Jr. Micro Head Coach    

Sandra  Romero                                Jr. Micro Team AD                           305.785.2235/Sandra_a_romero7559@hotmail


Ray Waller                          Micro Head Coach           

Karyn Chapman                Micro Head AD                                 909.806.5525/



Austin                                   Jr. Pee Wee Head Coach              

Rosa Negrete                     Jr. Pee Wee Head AD                     909.520.8633/

Sandra Romero                 Jr. Pee Wee Asst. AD                      305.785.2235/


Gary Ayala                                          Jr. Midget Head Coach 

Maria Ramos                      Jr. Pee Wee Head AD                     909.649.3627/            

Johanna Bailey                 Jr. Pee Wee Asst. AD                      909.382.1204/          


Tommy Negrete                Midget Head Coach                        

Rosa Negrete                     Jr. Pee Wee Head AD                     909.520.8633/



Field Location:


Aquinas High School

2772 Sterling Ave

San Bernardino, CA 92404


Description: Map of aquinas high school san bernardino




Uniform Information: White Jersey, Blue Pants and White Helmet.


Field Information: Aquinas (Natural Grass), San Gorgonio (Turf Field)


Warm-Up Area: Warm-up area (Aquinas) is located behind the stadium. Warm-up area (San

Gorgonio) behind the scoreboard.


Check-In: Will begin, an hour before game at the designated time and location.


Restrooms: Located near the entrance gate, next to the snack bar.


Seating: Stadium Seating, wheelchair access, pop-ups allowed (must be placed at the top of stadium). Home/Away will sit on the same side.


Snack Bar: Full snack bar available.


On the field: No food or drinks are allowed on the field. Only water is allowed on the field, track, and sidelines. You may have pop-ups and tables on the sideline. Please place something under the feet of the pop-up and table.


Field Passes: Only persons with a valid IEJAAFC ID badge will be allowed on the field.  


NO OUTSIDE FOOD WILL BE PERMITTED Team coolers only.  Please notify your staff, parents, and supporters that there will be gate attendants present to strictly enforce this rule. Spectators will not be permitted to enter while possessing any outside food or drink items including bottled water, coffee tumblers, etc. 


NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS Alcohol, smoking, pets, profanity, or noisemakers are not allowed anywhere on the school grounds.